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Directional Microphones: A directional microphone has a diaphragm at the end of a tubular barrel provided with lateral openings. The sounds that don't come from the targeted direction, enter in these openings, and they cancel each other.

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Since sound waves travel at 342 m/s (meters per second - the speed of sound) through the air, obtaining hi-fidelity sound (down to 20 Hz, the lower limit of human hearing) would require a parabola with a diameter greater than 17 meters (= 342 m/s / 20 Hz). Most parabolic microphones sace low-end fidelity to get a more manageable size.

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Spy Hearing Parabola adalah Alat Penyadap suara / mendengarkan suara pembicaraan jarak jauh (sampai dengan 90 meter), dan juga dapat merekamnya dan dapat diputar kembali untuk mendengarkannya.


Alat imput Spy Hearing Parabola ( Alat Sadap Suara Jarak Jauh) Spy Hearing Parabola adalah Alat Penyadap suara / mendengarkan suara pembicaraan jarak jauh (sampai dengan 90 meter), dan juga dapat mere... Edit. Alat imput FM MP3 MODULATOR.

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Stereo in a parabola? As a reference this is an article presented by the Journal of Audio Engineering Society available from AES here - which is directly connected to the basic principles behind our own Stereo parabolas - a one-page white paper PDF is also available here.

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Dollar Store Parabolic Mic: This is a ridiculously easy way to build a very functional parabolic microphone using mostly items purchased from one of those stores where everything is a dollar. Check out the original design at: .Dollar Store Parabolic Microphone

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Do-it-Yourself Parabolic Microphone. Whether you are a nature lover, watcher, or secretly hope to be a spy, building your own parabilc microphone is a great project. Using cheap items that can be found in most hardware stores, you can build a working unit in an afternoon.

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jual Murah Parabola Spy hearing (parabolic) Rp.1.000.000- -Mampu mendengar suara samar deari jarak20-30 meter -Mendengar suara keras hingga 100meter -memiliki teropong 8x pembesaran -Power 1 batre kotak 9volt (tidak termasuk) -dilengkapi headphone jack 3.5mm (standar) -Parabola 250mm, -memiliki setting fokus untuk titik suara yang didengarkan -untuk merekam anda perlu …

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A parabolic listening device is one of the devices that will help you to listen to conversations from a distance. See a quick list of the best spy hearing devices that are available. Looking for a parabolic microphone dish?

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These Listening Devices Obtain Audio Evidence. Covert spy listening devices can record audio from next door or around the world. Listen through walls with our wall microphone, or pick up sounds from a bit more distance using a parabolic microphone.If you need even more distance, the GSM bugs allow you to listen from a world away via cell phone.

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Find great deals on eBay for parabolic microphone and listening device. Shop with confidence.

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The parabolic mic does all this, but in more of a directional pattern, so that you can listen in to a conversation from a long distance away. This is the type you would see in the movies, with the private eye pointing this out the window of his van.

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With the economically priced Uzi parabolic listening kit, observation has never been easier. Hear targets up to 300FT away. Even record what you hear onto a..

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Dec 18, 2012· This is a ridiculously easy way to build a parabolic microphone using dollar store items. You'll attract lots of attention walking around in public with this rig. I usually welcome the inquiries, and let people listen to what I'm doing. Kids especially love it. Cover 1 gore of the umbrella near ...

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Jual Spy Hearing Parabola (Alat sadap suara + teropong),Camera & Spy Gadgets dengan harga Rp 1.900.000 dari toko online megatron.biz, DKI Jakarta. Cari product IP Camera lainnya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia.

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The market calls this an Electronic Spy Ear but we just call it "useful" for short. While lacking in complete concealibilty this 11" x 7" front to end listening device not only gives you a clear ear to listen with, but also 12 seconds of digital recording with a record/playback button for …

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Hearing Aids, Parabolic & Shotgun Mics TURBO - Amazing Electronic Turbo Ear allows you to hear many sounds inaudible without it Great for nature listening as higher frequencies often are not audible to older folks are now heard.

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The long range parabolic microphone MEGA EAR, designed and assembled in the Endoacustica Europe laboratories, involves a highly reflective parabolic dish, an omnidirectional microphone, a preamplifier and a headphones for real time listening, in addition you can connect to it a voice recorder to record intercepted conversations.

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Jun 11, 2015· does it really matter about mesh parabola for 2000 feet away? a solid parabola is best but at 2000 feet a mesh type should work very well. I still say set up a fake drug deal and see if the cops show up. If they do then explain about the neighbors listening device. How did you know that the neighbor knew about company secrets??

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A parabola is a specific geometric curve that has a distinct mathematical property. When a straight line hits any point on the inner surface of a parabolic curve it will reflect back off the slope to a single common point that is centered in front of the curve. This position is the focal point of the parabola.

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Professional Sound Amplification and Listening Devices from LIN Technologies, Since 1997. "The Action Ear is a fine piece of equipment! I have never owned "ear muffs" that appear to function with such preciseness. We all know how important it is to wear effective ear protection. The Action Ear appears to be able to do the job, both inside and ...

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Array technology not only increases the audio gain, but reduces self noise to that of the lowest noise microphones on the market. Combined with the parabolic dish and booster discs, the signal to noise ratio is higher than any other parabolic microphone system available. A military grade foam windscreen is built-in for winds up to 10-12MPH.

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This device will only connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Networks. We are unable to guarantee Wi-Fi connection will work with all routers. Although most networks are compatible, certain routers enact stricter security measures that may block remote connections to the camera.

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Aug 09, 2016· Recording the natural sounds around you is a great way to learn more about birds and help scientists study the natural world. The directionality and amplification of a parabolic microphone system ...


Alat sadap suara jauh/ParabolA adalah alat penyadap untuk mendengarkan suara pembicaraan dari jarak jauh (20-30meter) yang dapat direkam disertai binocular. ... spy suara orang, untuk mendengarkan suara hewan (berburu,burung), mendengarkan suara bos di tempat parkir,dll. 3 in 1 : menyadap, merekam suara, melihat. ... (Spy Hearing Parabolic ...

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To protect your hearing, sounds will momentarily shutoff at 95 decibels. Further pinpoint sounds and reduce background noise with the Booster. The 12" diameter parabolic dish (Booster) is included. The Super Ear amplifies sound by 40 decibels using one 9-volt battery that lasts 40 hours.

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We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product's sale price over the last 90 days. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

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Want to find out if your neighbors are talking about you? You could always hack their webcam or turn your iPhone into a secret spy camera, but unless you have a key to their house, that could be tricky to do without getting caught.. With this DIY parabolic microphone from the folks over at GBPPR, you can listen in from a distance and do your sleuthing without ever leaving the couch.


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Not just one, but an array of low noise microphone elements are used at the focal point of the parabola. Array technology not only increases the audio gain, but reduces self noise to that of the lowest noise microphones on the market. Combined with the parabolic dish and booster discs, the signal to noise ratio is higher than any other ...

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Mar 19, 2015· Squirrel baffle repurposed as a parabolic listening station. Here's a view from my house deck, facing the Sourland Mountains. After a recent snowfall I used the Squirrel-Baffle Spy Microphone to listen in on geese some distance away, and was even able to hear the sound of snow melting: