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Feb 12, 2016· Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records Out on the Tiles (Remaster) · Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III ℗ 2012 Atlantic Records Engineer: Andy Johns Guitar, Prod...

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O Ecotextiles fabrics were one of BuildingGreen's Top-10 products of 2008. Photo: O Ecotextiles . When BuildingGreen started publication in 1992, simply finding building products designed with environmental benefits in mind was a big challenge. We tackled that challenge in the late 1990s by developing GreenSpec, our guide to the best-of-the ...

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Mar 28, 2018· Dear Minister of Health, we're ready for action! According to official statistics: 250,000 Ontarians had been diagnosed with MCS in 2014 and the discrimination is still systemic in 2018 SUBJECT: Accommodation for People with Disabilities Honourable Helena Jaczek, Minister of Health (at [email protected] ) On September 29, 2017, Ontario quietly released the report "Time for…

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May 20, 2009· A few additional thoughts about natural, eco-friendly fabrics to take into consideration: To dye or not to dye Best practice is using natural, undyed fabrics, but who wants to live in a world without color? Look for natural dyes without the use of heavy metal dyes. Another eco-friendly option is a closed-loop system that used low-impact reactive dyes.

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Back up back up back up. Don't forget to regularly back up your hard drive. I did not follow this simple rule and now that some pain in the ass sent me some malware which while thankfully this has been removed at the moment it has also removed every single document I had saved on my entire hard drive.

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National Parks - Places to Refresh, and Photos Stunning natural beauty, raw rugged lands, clear moving waters, big skies... I have a goal to see every national park and monument... "Nature's Painting" - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

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And for textiles and fabrics, Cynthia always turns to the Seattle-based O Ecotextiles, where the products are "created with fibers that demonstrate the lowest possible impact on the environmental, from production to performance," she said. That's incredibly important for an industry considered the No. 1 polluter of water in the world.

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Can tiny amounts of chemicals hurt me? What chemicals are unsafe? How do chemicals enter our bodies? Doesn't the government protect me? Can I ask the retailer to find out what's in the fabric? Can I wash out the chemicals? How do I know a fabric is safe? What is "organic fabric"? Why is water treatment important? Carbon Footprint Considerations

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Jan 28, 2010· Perhaps you caught the story alleging H&M used genetically modified cotton from India in their certified organic products. The story was published in the German edition of the Financial Times last Friday. Via Ecotextile News:. The scale of the alleged fraud uncovered by the German edition of the Financial Times newspaper is shocking – if it's accurate.

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WHAT TO ASK WHEN SHOPPING FOR A GREEN MATTRESS. Separating fact from fiction is a challenge is hard when shopping for a natural mattress, especially when there are so many confusing brands, industry terms and mattress technologies at play.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Reusable Produce Bags. Will fruit and vegetables keep fresh longer in these bags than in plastic? Are reusable bags much heavier than plastic bags? Will I end up paying more due to extra weight? How much weight can they hold? ...

HeartFire Art: Rumi, A Painting, and Hot Tea

HeartFire A watercolor and mixed media artist experimenting with various painting and non-painting art forms: collage, fiber, felting, dolls, embroidery and beads, bookbinding-bookmaking, collage, digital photography & photoshop, etc. Inspired by the natural world.

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You spend about one third of your life laying in bed. And, while getting enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health, you've got to be careful where you do it. Because, believe it or not, the majority of bed linens contain dangerous chemicals, rubbing directly against your body, and populating the air you breathe deeply, eight hours out of every 24.

The Genetic Engineering Debate: Animal welfare and GMOs

I hope to approach today's blog topic by way of detour. Bear with me! First, I'd like to talk about the problem of terminology. Both the critics and the cheerleaders of genetic engineering agree that there is a problem with the term "genetic engineering".

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O Ecotextiles—the producer of high quality, organic fabrics—hopes to raise awareness about textile choices and support environmentally preferable processes, practices, power sources and materials, from the start of the textile's process to its arrival in homes. O Ecotextiles aims to change the way fabrics are made, by proving that it's

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What's inside a sofa is so important. May 2019. Chair construction demo at High Point Market Report, October. Diy Furniture Couch Diy Couch Furniture Plans Furniture Styles Build A Couch Upholstered Furniture Furniture Making Furniture Makeover Furniture Design. More information. Anthony Pileggi. Saved to indoor furniture.

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Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines reported health symptoms after the introduction of new uniforms in 2011. The airline replaced the uniforms in 2014 without acknowledging harm. To understand possible uniform-related health effects, we analyzed self-reported health symptoms in crew who participated in the Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study between 2007 and 2015, the period before, during ...

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Oct 08, 2015· Your soft cotton tee shirt is the ultimate warm fuzzy. Snuggling gratefully into its soft fibers, you feel virtuous about buying a product that was made of natural organic materials. Think of all those barrels of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that weren't sprayed on foreign cotton fields ...

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This well-reserched post says no: O ECOTEXTILES: WIll the antimony in polyester fabric hurt me? There have also been reports of leaching of aldehydes from PET bottles, enough to give an off-taste to bottled water. Even extremely low concentrations (10–20 parts per billion in the water) of acetaldehyde can produce an off-taste. ...

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Actually, it does hurt us all. As advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather puts it in a new report, greenwash is actually "an extremely serious matter…it is insidious, eroding consumer trust, contaminating the credibility of all sustainability-related marketing and hence inhibiting progress toward a sustainable economy." ... After forming O ...

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Eco-textiles and Eco-designs are used as an environmentally friendly product. Eco fashion products are becoming more and more popular now, it's a healthy new trend and is helpful to build an ...

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At end of life, wool biodegrades – and none of the chemicals used in producing the fabric can hurt you or your ecosystem. Good animal husbandry practices sequester carbon and help reduce the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere while at the same time replenishing and renewing grassland soils. Fiber Composition:

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What I love about the O Ecotextiles ladies is everything they write is not merely opinion. They research what they write and provide their resources. The bottom line, it seemed anything to do with new or recycled uses for PET plastic bottles is just plain bad for the environment.

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Jun 10, 2009· 11 Eco Upholstery Textiles Revolutionizing the Global Market "High-tech" isn't what you'd normally think of when it comes to fabric, but in recent years, that's exactly what it has become.

csr-reporting: 5 truths about Volkswagen and CSR

Sep 26, 2015· 5 truths about Volkswagen and CSR It's just incredible how everyone is jumping down the throat of sustainability and sustainability reporting as …

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Polyesters such as PBT fabrics are some of the most widely used fabrics in the world because of their durability and beneficial features. However, polyesters are also harmful to the environment and human health, resulting in increased environmental pollution and the potential for medical problems.

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What Are the Dangers of Scotchgard? By Laurie Brenner. SAVE; Scotchgard fabric protector is a spray used on upholstery, drapes or carpets to protect these items from stains or spills. 3M, the product's manufacturer, provides warnings that lists the hazards of using it incorrectly. People sensitive to chemicals should avoid using Scotchgard or ...

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Middlebury Chair in Red Wine by Mary Lynn O'Shea. Upholstered chair covered in the artist's own jacquard double-cloth cotton and rayon fabric. Kiln-dried hardwood frame with double doweled joints and blocked corners. Hand-tied deep seating coils tied in 8 directions. Spring-down cushion offer strength and comfort. Seat height is 17

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At end of life, wool biodegrades, and none of the chemicals used in producing the fabric can hurt you or your ecosystem. Good animal husbandry practices sequester carbon and help reduce the level of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere while at the same time replenishing and renewing grassland soils.

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Posts about Greenwashing written by O Ecotextiles. I just read an article about "green marketing" and how the manufacturer should downplay the green aspects of a product because "very few Americans have ever bought stuff because they want to

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1) Organic wool producers receive a higher price at the farm gate, as their costs of production are higher, primarily associated with higher labor, management and certification costs.